19 November 2005

Closing Night - LiveBlogging

So I am going to do mild notes DURING the run tonight... We are holding the house briefly while we see if anyone comes late from MY HOUSE

Good Show folks!!

UPDATE: Act I into II intermission...Practical Joke Night - Nice lollipop, Nik!... We also had the now-traditional mid-queue blackout, this time in Lights 11 - what fun!

Doc Gibbs was MAD at George tonight, what's up with that, Russ?

UPDATE: Early II, that lollipop is going to get the whole cast sick. Didn't you guys have germ theory in a biology class?

Mashed Potatoes and BACON?? RUSS, you are doomed :)

UPDATE: Garrett is toast. And the horse population skyrocketed, Mr Morgan....
UPDATE: Wedding... JESSIE Grrrrr TP?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!
UPDATE: ?!?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!?! You are ALL toast.
UPDATE: props to Chase for the "my sister" bit - PUHLEEZE no jokes in Act III.
UPDATE: flashing back to Act I, APPLAUSE BREAK for Geisslinger... gotta love it!!
UPDATE: ...so... are Soames and Stimson going to trade names for the entire act?And did you guys all forget how to got thru doors!? The thump factor is outta control.
Update: Wedding, Garrett? um hmmmmm ...Katie too quiet...


Anonymous said...

Hey Doty~
Thanks for an awesome run, you totally rock. I had so much fun, and I learned so much. This part was a stretch for me (refer to Act III), but I've grown from it and I'm so grateful!!!!!! I really really hope we keep you for a very long time. And thanks for dinner too, btw. Hope you have a great weekend- you've got an absolutely GORGEOUS fiancee!!
And hope my pranks didn't peeve you too much....I was going to dip Adam, but I was afraid of dropping him. Perhaps Heidi will let me dip her again? She was great to practice (falling!) on!
all the best,

Anonymous said...

Thats it, thats all the practical jokes you could decipher? You sure should have been back stage!

It was awful, it was terrible...we loved it!


<3 Hannah and Justine

John said...

Jessie mauled Garrett at the wedding, there was def something going on off stage during Jessie and Hannah's post-choir practice cross. I don't think Garrett was wearing a shirt during Act III. Beyond that, I don't know what was happening backstage.

For the FUTURE...PJs need to either be off-stage and non-disruptive to the story-telling that the audience paid to see or IN CHARACTER and cannot add to actual Text.

Having added business or era-appropriate props at the wedding is fine, being pregnant at the funeral also fine... adding a closing line? not so good. Consider this a challenge to your wit and creativity.

Last eve was a very mixed emotions thing for me, veering strongly towards positive, but not wholly so. More later!

Anonymous said...

Doty, I know you liked my toilet paper(wink wink)

....I know I know

bad idea.

By the way, There wasn't a Mr Soames scowling out the window, more like doug and garrett grinding eachother.....i got revenge :)

Anonymous said...

c'mon... you know you like the vows... and just for your information NO ONE got sick from the lollipop. well... yet. but, now it doesn't matter because the show is over! You see Mr. Doty, I'm always thinking about YOU and the DRAMA DEPARTMENT! what can I say? I am a very selfless person. haha... maybe not. but.... I still thought the vows were classic. and the mashed potatoes and bacon was a personal favorite of mine. hehe, and jessie's... blocking addition.
hooray! You are finally getting into the think of North Medford High School drama! congrats. This comment is way too long. so... yeah. see you tomorrow... oh wait... maybe not, well, I'll talk to you about it anyways. bye now!