29 October 2005

Soccer is done

St. Mary's scored 3 second half goals to advance, leaving Phoenix done - this means our rehearsal schedule can shift to earlier in the day.

Let me know what days you have conflicts from 4pm on, and which Wednesdays you have conflicts from 3pm on.


Anonymous said...

Hey Doty~
Swim schedule: 3:15-5:30 wednesdays, and 4:15-6:30 on thursdays & fridays. Also, Ah, Wilderness opens this weekend at ashland.....and i think we should all go see it as a cast on thurs. or fri.!
Let me know if this works for you.

Anonymous said...

that was me, brianna. oops. :)

Anonymous said...

oh no! no good- I have to work immediately afterschool on monday, tuesday, and friday this week and monday and tuesday next week. crap-o-moly. poo. so... no matter what I can't come tomorrow.. and then tuesday, well, I'll just talk to you tomorrow and see what is the dealio. yo. fo sho. lata dawg.
-hill to tha ree.

Anonymous said...

this is Russ.

So...i thought i heard we had practice right after school on monday. Is this true?! Cause that would be beautiful.

respond rrusty13@hotmail.com if you can.

Anonymous said...

hi i just want to be sure if we had practice tomorrow after school. if i don't hear from you by tomorrow morning ill just talk to you then... you can contact me at ktpink08@aim.com