30 October 2005

Rehearsal Schedule CHANGE

in deference to All Hallows' Eve, tomorrow's scheduled run of Acts I and II is NOT going to happen at 6:30 pm.

Instead, all available cast are called for a 4:00pm run of whatever scenes we can do with the available people. There will not be a 6:30 rehearsal and the 4:00 may be of very limited scope.

Tuesday will remain a 7pm Emily, George and SMs.

Tomorrow we will determine if Weds can be a Act I and II starting at 3:00pm.

29 October 2005

Soccer is done

St. Mary's scored 3 second half goals to advance, leaving Phoenix done - this means our rehearsal schedule can shift to earlier in the day.

Let me know what days you have conflicts from 4pm on, and which Wednesdays you have conflicts from 3pm on.

28 October 2005

Online Sound files for Our Town hymns

Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid?

Blesst Be the Tie That Binds

Keep an eye...

...here for Saturday early evening update on my soccer schedule with Phoenix - we play St. Mary's at 3pm at Spiegelberg and if we lose, our season is over. The same may also be said for a possible Tuesday match vs Cascade Christian. A PHS loss will impact rehearsal schedule immediately, in the form of earlier calls and (some nights) double calls.

If you have availability immediately after school, please note it in comments HERE - I will begin to plan 4:00pm calls on stated availability.

24 October 2005

Mrs. Gibbs named Homecoming Queen

Despite having a dubious singing voice (in character), dying early, and spending Act III in the cemetary, Mrs. Gibbs, wife of Doc Gibbs and mother of George and Rebecca, was nevertheless named Homecoming Queen 2005 at North Medford HS!


Congratz, Hannah Burns!!

19 October 2005

Rehearsal Schedule

Oct 24 6:30 pm; Run I; done by 8:30 OFF BOOK
Oct 25 7:00pm; done by 8:30, George Emily, Stage Managers - Various Pages
Oct 26 6:30 pm; Run II; done by 8:30 (IN CHOIR ROOM) OFF BOOK
Oct 27 6:30 pm; Run III; done by 8:30 (IN CHOIR ROOM) OFF BOOK
Oct 28 6:30 pm; Run I & II; done by 8:30 OFF BOOK
Oct 29 Cast OFF, Building/Tech Call, 2:00pm – 6:00pm Soccer 10am
Oct 30 OFF
Oct 31 6:30 pm; Run II & III; done by 8:30 OFF BOOK
Nov 1 7:00pm; done by 8:30, George, Emily, Stage Managers - Various Pages
Nov 2 6:30 pm; Run I; done by 9:00 OFF BOOK
Nov 3 6:30 pm; Run II; done by 9:00 OFF BOOK
Nov 4 6:30 pm; Run III; done by 9:00 OFF BOOK
Nov 5 Possible Full Run – Time TBA (depends on soccer playoff game schedule)
Nov 6 OFF

Cast List - "Our Town" - Fall 2005

The Stage Manager...Alternating Hillary Burrelle / Alyssa Hutley
Dr. Gibbs...Russell Wonsley
Joe Crowell...Dug Yun
Howie Newsome...Jason Schelin
Mrs. Gibbs...Hannah Burns
Mrs. Webb...Justine Jensen
George Gibbs...Adam Broud
Rebecca Gibbs...Kelsey Dye
Wally Webb/Baseball Player...Chase Medieros
Emily Webb...Brianna Houck
Professor Willard...Mr. Geisslinger, Mr. Black, add’l faculty TBA
Mr. Webb...Nik Horaites
Woman in the Balcony/1st Dead Woman...Camilla Whitney
Woman in the Auditorium/2nd Dead Woman...Nic Henselman
Woman in the Box/3rd Dead Woman (1st Dead Man’s lines)...Heidi Quiel
Simon(e) Stimson...Chanelle Pederson
Mrs. Soames...Jessie Cooper
Constable Warren...Chantell Muñoz
Si Crowell...Sarah Louie
Sam(antha) Craig...Katie Sparks
Joe Stoddard/George Gibbs (matinee)...Garrett Frierson
Baseball Player/2nd Dead Man...Trevor Robison
Professor Willard (backup)...Katie Sparks

Assistant Stage Managers ... Ashley Moore plus Hillary/Alyssa
People of the Town (3-5 additional) ... please speak to me