16 December 2005

Arsenic & Old Lace cast list

Congratulations to the following performers who've been cast for the senior project production of Arsenic & Old Lace:

  • Mortimer Brewster – Nik Horaites
  • Aunt Abby BrewsterJuli...uh Justine Jensen
  • Aunt Martha Brewster – Hillary Burrelle
  • Jonathan Brewster - Arick Chirstopher
  • Dr. Einstein – Adam Chimeo
  • Elaine – Chanelle Pederson
  • Uncle "Teddy" Brewster – Adam Broud
  • Officer Patrick O'Hara – Dug Yun
  • Officer Klein – Garrett Frierson
  • Police Sgt. Brophy – Carissa Francese
  • Lt. Rooney – Alyssa Hutley
  • Reverend Harper – Dustin Cheney
  • Mr. Witherspoon – Adam Sandgren
  • Mr. Gibbs – JJ Bowdish

Our Town Video - Saturday Eve?

Mr. Geisslinger is curious if anyone got video of the Saturday eve performance. Let me know!!

12 December 2005

Tempest Auditions - specific expectations

First - Roles Available:

  • Males - Prospero (major), Caliban (major, stunts), Antonio, Sebastian, Ferdinand, Alonso
  • Females - Ariel (major, sings, stunts), Miranda, Ceres (minor, sings), Iris (minor, sings), Juno (minor, sings)
  • Either - Stephano (sings, stunts), Trinculo (sings, stunts), Adrian (minor, poss stunts), Francisco (minor, poss stunts), Boatswain (minor, stunts), Mariners (non-speaking, stunts), Airy Spirits (non-speaking, stunts)

Second - Preparation:

  • Monologue - show me you can speak and ACT Shakespeare with something from the Bard or the period - 1 minute minimum, 2 minute maximum. Memorized - not like some read parts from Fall Auditions.
  • Movement - if you are auditioning for a part that includes 'stunts', we'd like to see you move - something acrobatic, gymnastic, or dance. If you don't have something prepared, we will give you something - expect to remain an extra 15 to 20 minutes to get it ready and show us.
  • Singing - if you are auditioning for a part that 'sings', we need to know you can carry a tune, or at least tackle a melody with confidence (several of the singers needn't be tuneful)

Third - Availability

  • This show will rehearse early evenings (6pm to 8pm, usually) with some stunt rehearsals earlier in the day (4pm to 6pm). If you are cast as a player with stunt demands, you may be needed for 4 hours on some nights. Do not presume that your juggled work schedule and other commitments will be accomodated by rehearsal times.
  • For the purposes of safety, ALL persons cast in stunt demand roles will be expected at every related stunt rehearsal - for Ariel, this will be particularly demanding. Please speak with me if you have questions.

07 December 2005

It's Dec 7...do you know where your dog is?

In the finest Doty tradition, another blog entry about a stray (two earlier posts can be found on my old personal site, from July of this year and July of last year).

This girl was on campus today, very skittish and underfed. Ashlee, JJ and I tried to get her, but she bolted south to the neighborhood beyond the little Keeneway Alley.

A nice woman (Tina) on Honeysuckle with a super cute black Cocker Spaniel helped by luring this beast to her yard and feeding her, then calling me. We've given the temporary name "Harbor" in honor of the day, and are looking for owners (found ads and calls to shelters). More news as we get it.

05 December 2005

Auditions - UPDATED

Tempest Auditions will be IMMEDIATELY following Winter Break. Sign Up sheets are now up at the call board - Jan 3, 4 pm to 6:30 pm Jan 4, same times. If you have schedule issues with the available times, comment here and we may arrange for something else.

Auditions will include a prepared (meaning MEMORIZED) piece of at least one minute and not exceeding two minutes length. People auditioning for Ariel, Caliban, Stephano, and Trinculo will need to demonstrate movement and singing, as well.

I suggest your audition piece be Shakespeare or a contemporary of Shakespeare (Marlowe, say) to demonstrate you can do the language. Accents are NOT required (and may do you more harm than good). If you bring a modern piece, I may ask you to read something from Shakespeare cold.

The audition itself will include me and two pre-production staff, likely NOT associated with NMHS (auditioning in front of strangers is a GOOD thing).

Arsenic and Old Lace auditions will be BEFORE winter break, Wednesday of the final school week of 2005. Sign-up sheets are up in FA6, and check with Adam Broud for more details.

Arsenic auditions are from scenes from the show. Copies are available in the FA 6 Lobby.

Both shows will rehearse at close to the same time, so being in both is HIGHLY unlikely, if not impossible.

01 December 2005

Assignments - Now 'til break


Reading: "The Tempest" (scripts available 12/01)
Lighting Design for "The Tempest" (block 5 focused on Acts I & II, block 7 on III, IV, V)

  • Scene breakdown due Dec 9
  • stage map with instrument options due Dec 13

Memorized piece, in preparation for Tempest auditions, Jan 3 & 4

  • ANY Shakespeare monologue - duration 1 1/2 minutes, ideal
  • In Class Performance (twice required) week of Dec 12
  • AUDITIONS for "The Tempest"

Prep for Regional Acting Competition

  • category Auditions (if needed) Jan 12
  • All Intro students, whether they intend to ACTUALLY compete or not, need to prepare at least ONE competition pieces (solo, duo, group, mime, musical) and perform in class on or before Jan 12.


As above, plus SECOND competition piece for Regionals.

Set/Production Design for "The Tempest" (rather than lighting)

  • Ariel flight rigging
  • Shipwreck
  • Sound FX
  • Prospero's Cell and the Island

Preliminary sketches, ideas, notes due Dec 9 (share set thoughts to Intro Classes who have lighting projects)Detailed preproduction work before winter break

Site Updates!!

So if you are regular visitor, you may notice...if not, this will call your attention to what else is here besides the semi-regular blog posts.

A new section "Casting & Auditions" will link to pages on the various productions' dates, times, and call back and cast lists. Rehearsals will still post on the front page.

A new section "Assignments" will link to the Intro and Advanced pending assignments, as well as upcoming projects for Tech Club and a link to PAL (Parent Access Link)

It is also nice to know that if you Google "Tornado Theater", we come up first!

20 November 2005

Don't Come to My House, redux

So the Trib corrected PART of the problem of yesterday - the Show at My House part... they still insisted on REannouncing a matinee for today, though...

So. I will be writing an LTE clarifying the whole thing. I will be also pushing them to do a HUGE publicity wave for "The Tempest" to make up for how well this round went.

Fun Fun!

19 November 2005

Closing Night - LiveBlogging

So I am going to do mild notes DURING the run tonight... We are holding the house briefly while we see if anyone comes late from MY HOUSE

Good Show folks!!

UPDATE: Act I into II intermission...Practical Joke Night - Nice lollipop, Nik!... We also had the now-traditional mid-queue blackout, this time in Lights 11 - what fun!

Doc Gibbs was MAD at George tonight, what's up with that, Russ?

UPDATE: Early II, that lollipop is going to get the whole cast sick. Didn't you guys have germ theory in a biology class?

Mashed Potatoes and BACON?? RUSS, you are doomed :)

UPDATE: Garrett is toast. And the horse population skyrocketed, Mr Morgan....
UPDATE: Wedding... JESSIE Grrrrr TP?!?! Are you kidding me?!?!
UPDATE: ?!?!?!? Are you kidding me?!?!?! You are ALL toast.
UPDATE: props to Chase for the "my sister" bit - PUHLEEZE no jokes in Act III.
UPDATE: flashing back to Act I, APPLAUSE BREAK for Geisslinger... gotta love it!!
UPDATE: ...so... are Soames and Stimson going to trade names for the entire act?And did you guys all forget how to got thru doors!? The thump factor is outta control.
Update: Wedding, Garrett? um hmmmmm ...Katie too quiet...

Don't Come to My House

So...this morning's Mail Trib, on page C1 (Life - Things to Do) gives us a plug for the show.

Unfortunately, no one who reads said plug will SEE our show, instead they will visit my home. Maybe tomorrow afternoon.

The Trib Contains Errors:
  • Location - NOT at North Medford HS, but rather, at my house... WRONG
  • Time - No Saturday Matinee listed, but a SUNDAY one is... WRONG
  • Location again - The John Doty NMHS Theater. Sorry Lynn Sjolund, I guess my monumental impact in the first three nights of my career warranted taking your name OFF the Auditorium... WRONG
Anyway - they do include this website (and my phone number, which a nice lady called at 9am to inform me there is no Eastwood Drive...(having owned a home there since 1998, this was of some surprise to me)) and I am hoping some folks will be perplexed enough to check one or the other and discover the following
FACTS about the remaining performances of "Our Town":
  • WHEN - 2pm and 7pm, SATURDAY, Nov 19, 2005
  • WHERE - the LYNN SJOLUND AUDITORIUM on the campus of NORTH MEDFORD HS, 1900 N Keeneway Drive, Medford, OR
  • and NO new NMHS THEATER in the residential neighborhood near Bear Creek Park in SOUTH Medford

15 November 2005


Alys, Hills, Bree, Adam, Russ & Han, Nik & 'Stine, Garrett, Dug, Jace, Katie, Ash, other Ash, Chase, Jess, Trev, Chanelle and Chantell... and Heidi, Milla, Nic, Jake, and other other Ash - my wonderful dead people! And Sami, Ayla, and Carissa!

You rock - five shows, four days - break legs!

Once more onto the Boards!

We open tomorrow night and I am thrilled. Today, I am sitting in the Sjolund during lunch, waiting for our final round of teasers to begin. We've had good crowds for four offerings this morning, and will go three more rounds before we are done.

The cast is great - the energy is great.

Curtain in 30 hours!

08 November 2005

We have an Audience in ONE WEEK

Production Week Schedule

  • Nov 8 4:00pm Run II & III; evening Tech possible until 8pm
  • Nov 9 3:00pm Act II Wedding Change for 1 hour, Dinner BREAK, 6:00pm Full Cast – Full Run
  • Nov 10 5:30pm Run II & III; Tech possible until 8pm, as well as immediately after school
  • Nov 11 CHANGE 11:30a - 2:00p Full Cast, Full Run; Tech remainder of day (either side of actors) (legal holiday)
  • Nov 12 12:00n Dry Tech (No Actors, Crew only); 5:00pm Wet Tech (Full Cast)
  • Nov 13 TBA - Some needs may be scheduled into this slot
  • Nov 14 7:00pm Full Run, Costume and Makeup, Photo Call
  • Nov 15 7:00pm Full Run, Costume and Makeup, OPEN DRESS
  • Nov 16 5:30pm Costume & Makeup; 6:00pm Onstage Warm-up; 7:00pm Curtain
  • Nov 17 5:30pm Costume & Makeup; 6:00pm Onstage Warm-up; 7:00pm Curtain
  • Nov 18 5:30pm Costume & Makeup; 6:00pm Onstage Warm-up; 7:00pm Curtain
  • Nov 19 12:30pm Costume & Makeup; 1:00pm Onstage Warm-up; 2:00pm Curtain
  • Nov 19 5:30pm Costume & Makeup; 6:00pm Onstage Warm-up; 7:00pm Curtain

05 November 2005

Points, Letters, Thespians

a lot of questions over the past week about "how do I get a Varsity letter in Theater?"

Based upon the Student Handbook, Theater Arts doesn't give a letter, but since the other performing arts (Band, Orchestra, Choir) all do, I think an argument can be made.

Conversely, the other performing arts groups do not have an international organization that particpation gains membership in.

I am under the impression that I am going to base a letter, should one be OKed, on the same criteria the Thespian Society uses to award ITS Points.

10 Points qualifies someone as a Thespian - for MOST productions, a single Major Role, exceptionally executed, will qualify (8 pts for the role and up to 2 discretionary points from the sponsor for the quality of the effort) - given the six week prooduction schedule, such a role would be the equivalent of being on a team, from a time commitment PoV. So, my tenetative thought is sophomores or older who 'make thespian' (10 points) will letter - freshmen will have a slightly steeper hill - if they manage thespian plus a star (20 points) as freshmen, they will letter.

More later...


At 5 miuntes before call, there are ZERO cast or crew here. We don't arrive at call time, we START at call time. (oop...now ONE).

We need to be here ready to go at call time, not trickling in at call time. (Now TWO, at 2 minutes)

I am open to suggestions for consequences. You may not like my ideas.

30 October 2005

Rehearsal Schedule CHANGE

in deference to All Hallows' Eve, tomorrow's scheduled run of Acts I and II is NOT going to happen at 6:30 pm.

Instead, all available cast are called for a 4:00pm run of whatever scenes we can do with the available people. There will not be a 6:30 rehearsal and the 4:00 may be of very limited scope.

Tuesday will remain a 7pm Emily, George and SMs.

Tomorrow we will determine if Weds can be a Act I and II starting at 3:00pm.

29 October 2005

Soccer is done

St. Mary's scored 3 second half goals to advance, leaving Phoenix done - this means our rehearsal schedule can shift to earlier in the day.

Let me know what days you have conflicts from 4pm on, and which Wednesdays you have conflicts from 3pm on.

28 October 2005

Online Sound files for Our Town hymns

Art Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid?

Blesst Be the Tie That Binds

Keep an eye...

...here for Saturday early evening update on my soccer schedule with Phoenix - we play St. Mary's at 3pm at Spiegelberg and if we lose, our season is over. The same may also be said for a possible Tuesday match vs Cascade Christian. A PHS loss will impact rehearsal schedule immediately, in the form of earlier calls and (some nights) double calls.

If you have availability immediately after school, please note it in comments HERE - I will begin to plan 4:00pm calls on stated availability.

24 October 2005

Mrs. Gibbs named Homecoming Queen

Despite having a dubious singing voice (in character), dying early, and spending Act III in the cemetary, Mrs. Gibbs, wife of Doc Gibbs and mother of George and Rebecca, was nevertheless named Homecoming Queen 2005 at North Medford HS!


Congratz, Hannah Burns!!

19 October 2005

Rehearsal Schedule

Oct 24 6:30 pm; Run I; done by 8:30 OFF BOOK
Oct 25 7:00pm; done by 8:30, George Emily, Stage Managers - Various Pages
Oct 26 6:30 pm; Run II; done by 8:30 (IN CHOIR ROOM) OFF BOOK
Oct 27 6:30 pm; Run III; done by 8:30 (IN CHOIR ROOM) OFF BOOK
Oct 28 6:30 pm; Run I & II; done by 8:30 OFF BOOK
Oct 29 Cast OFF, Building/Tech Call, 2:00pm – 6:00pm Soccer 10am
Oct 30 OFF
Oct 31 6:30 pm; Run II & III; done by 8:30 OFF BOOK
Nov 1 7:00pm; done by 8:30, George, Emily, Stage Managers - Various Pages
Nov 2 6:30 pm; Run I; done by 9:00 OFF BOOK
Nov 3 6:30 pm; Run II; done by 9:00 OFF BOOK
Nov 4 6:30 pm; Run III; done by 9:00 OFF BOOK
Nov 5 Possible Full Run – Time TBA (depends on soccer playoff game schedule)
Nov 6 OFF

Cast List - "Our Town" - Fall 2005

The Stage Manager...Alternating Hillary Burrelle / Alyssa Hutley
Dr. Gibbs...Russell Wonsley
Joe Crowell...Dug Yun
Howie Newsome...Jason Schelin
Mrs. Gibbs...Hannah Burns
Mrs. Webb...Justine Jensen
George Gibbs...Adam Broud
Rebecca Gibbs...Kelsey Dye
Wally Webb/Baseball Player...Chase Medieros
Emily Webb...Brianna Houck
Professor Willard...Mr. Geisslinger, Mr. Black, add’l faculty TBA
Mr. Webb...Nik Horaites
Woman in the Balcony/1st Dead Woman...Camilla Whitney
Woman in the Auditorium/2nd Dead Woman...Nic Henselman
Woman in the Box/3rd Dead Woman (1st Dead Man’s lines)...Heidi Quiel
Simon(e) Stimson...Chanelle Pederson
Mrs. Soames...Jessie Cooper
Constable Warren...Chantell Muñoz
Si Crowell...Sarah Louie
Sam(antha) Craig...Katie Sparks
Joe Stoddard/George Gibbs (matinee)...Garrett Frierson
Baseball Player/2nd Dead Man...Trevor Robison
Professor Willard (backup)...Katie Sparks

Assistant Stage Managers ... Ashley Moore plus Hillary/Alyssa
People of the Town (3-5 additional) ... please speak to me

16 September 2005

Assignments - Production

For Students assigned as Aides, Also for Tech Club
Updated July 17, 2006

Building The Pen is Deadlier, starting August 21
Building Midsummer Night's Dream, starting after Sept 16

House staff and Running Crew for opening performances by Vocal and Instrumental Music

Preparing Tecnhical Document for Little Theater

Preparing Technical Document for Sjolund Auditorium

Assignments - StageCraft

Strike of Pen is Deadlier

Begin tooling up for A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shop Readiness, Safety, scale models

MAterials needed this week:

Measuring Tape (25' ideal)
4:1 or 5:1 graph paper (tablet)
unruled paper (tablet)

Assignments - Intermediate

Assignments for Students in 2nd Year of Drama Programn - PA 381
Updated Jan 2, 2007

  • Start 'On the Razzle' reading
  • Competition-suitable pieces, off book ALL

09 September 2005

Auditions - Into the Woods

Auditions will take place the week before Valentine's Day - more info to follow soon!!

Assignments - Advanced

Assignments for students in 3rd Year of Drama Program, PA 381 / PA 383
Updated - Jan 2, 2007

Pending in Advanced:
  • Start 'On the Razzle' reading
  • Competition-suitable pieces, off book ALL

Assignments - Intro

Updated - Jan 2, 2007

Pending in Intro:
  • Start 'Antigone' reading
  • Competition-suitable pieces, optional
  • RESEARCH - Greek Stage architecture